Welcome to Poetrees Productions

The home of poet, director, producer, and social justice advocate Thasia Anne.

  • Coming to Amazon August 22nd
    Sea Escapes I am so thankful to me reviewers so far. I have two more coming!
  • Poetrees Mission Statement
    The mission of Poetrees Productions; is to ease the suffering and empower the formerly abused through the use of poetry, art, music, education, and compassion.
  • Great New Events and Adventures
    August 6th 100 Thousand Poets for Change is back at the Erie Blues and Jazz Festival. We will be reading social advocacy poems at the Clam Shell Amphitheater, situated in Frontier Park starting at 6:30 pm. I am thrilled to be hostessing a great group of poets. In September John Burroughs will be named BeatContinue reading “Great New Events and Adventures”

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