Women of Word
with a few Man Made Words

WOW has had eleven seasons.

I have been the producer, director and participant in all eleven seasons. I created this production to help heal the writers and take their words public to heal others. It has grown from a few female poets, to a cast of ten, including poets, singer /songwriters, dancers and musicians. Even the music playing as the audience is seated was created by a cast member, Heidi Blakeslee.

We have covered tough subject and supply the audience with Safe Contact phone numbers for the different agencies offering assistance. I invite the agencies to be in attendance and available. Audience members have reached out and received assistance in the areas of homelessness, domestic violence, mental illness, and counseling.

WOW WOMEN of WORD with a few Man Made Words 2023 Season 11

Here we have provided the link to the video from WOW2023.

WOW WOMEN of WORD with a few Man Made Words 2021

Here we have provided the link to the video from WOW2021.


Testimonials from WOWiers

 “As soon as Thasia told me about her vision of a group of women poets reading about their difficult life experiences, and writing on multiple themes, I was like, YES.  I am in.  And I’ve been in ever since.  There simply is no other similar outlet for female poets in Erie.  I think being in WOW solidified my commitment to spreading information, inspiration, and connection to our audiences and to each other. It is also feminism in action, which I love.”                                              

Heidi Blakeslee – participant in ten of eleven WOW productions.

Matt Borczon is a poet, nurse, father and retired Navy sailor. He has written 28 books of poetry the latest Post Deployment is available through Dumpster Fire press. He publishes widely in the small and independent press and is honored to be a part of WOW. Participant in six WOW productions.

It was an incredible privilege to be a member of the 2023 cast Of WOW. The cast was diverse and the depth and variances of experiences gave for a well rounded show. The conversations that followed and feedback on the show showed that the topics were those that people want and need to talk more about. Thasia is not only a talented poet herself, but is also gifted in inspiring other poets and giving them opportunities to shine. I look forward to participating in future WOW productions!

Cathi GG Mitchell – A new WOWier.

Wow, has inspired me to embrace the traumatic experiences that I have lived through, and share them on a healthy, creative platform, that not only resonates with others in similar situations, but provides a measure of hope and healing for them, as well as myself.

Gisele Littrell – Singer song writer and poet who participated in four WOW productions

Comment Cards from 2023 WOW at PACA

WOW a journey of growth! Wonderful program

Thank you for a wonderful show. You made me cry and laugh.                                                  Cast was just so amazingly talented.

Each artist was so different and wonderful@ Loved the poetry and the dancer was extraordinary.

Take this program into High Schools

I really enjoyed getting my eyes open to find other people like me. Thank you. (From a teen) 

Thasia Anne, This is a fabulous production. I love that you covered so many uncomfortable topics. The world needs more light shown on the darkness and fears. Thank you Kristen

Great job Thasia and the rest of the performers

WOW truly was magnificent. Each person did a grand job. Thanks to all.

I loved the variety of poems, songs, and dance.

The experience made me think and left me uplifted. Great job to the entire cast

Brooke (Dancer) You were amazing Keep chasing your dreams, Theo

Thasia et al, The show was wonderful, and you all did splendidly Fondly, Susan

Great show! Dynamic topics  Loved the songs and the dance as well.

Suggested future topics Keeping up with other mom’s. Working mom’s don’t have time for PTA, projects ect. Too much guilt

I really enjoyed seeing the talent displayed- Poems- Songs- Dance                                            Thank you for the kindness reminder

It was so good, I enjoyed everyone

Past Wow Comment Cards

Tough subjects beautifully examined

Very thoughtful

Amazing, I enjoyed every bit Keep up the good work

Covered a lot of issues, well done

Very good, interesting

Loved it, great job


Better every year

Very Powerful Absolutely amazing. A very touching show. Many poems hit home. I loved it. Thank You

Well not too long ago i learned again that we all make our own choices in life. My dear friend Thasia Anne reminded me of this at her awesome WOW event….(women of word) Soooo…here’s to you Thasia Anne because today i choose to be happy about  the simple things in life..Especially.when the government lets me know that my salary is just above poverty level…instead of boo hooing i decide that… I got out of bed….didn’t have to gear up for cold weather and I have experienced alot in life that is priceless. So that is why today i choose to be HAPPY…Gotta love the Social Workers.

Pam Anderson has attended six versions of WOW.

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