About Thasia Anne

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Poetess, Director, Producer,
and Social Justice Advocate.

The mission of Poetrees Productions; is to ease the suffering and empower the formerly abused through the use of poetry, art, music, education, and compassion.

Thasia Anne is the producer, director, and participant in “Women of Word featuring a few Man Made Words, or (WOW)”. Until the pandemic, WOW made Edinboro University of Pennsylvania campus its home. “WOW” has a troop of poets reading individual poetry woven into powerful conversations, with 2021 was year ten. The production moved to the Raymond Blasco Library in the Hirt Auditorium.

Also in 2021 WOW created a second performance at PACA at the end of July and enjoy an unencumbered or masked audience.

Thasia has been published widely, two important anthologies able to change lives are; “Women of Courage V”, and “20 Lives Ignited; How 20 Women over 60 are Creating Success on Their Own Terms.”

Poetry anthologies include; “Pratik” which was edited by world renowned poet Yuyutsu Sharma. “Hard Rain”, a collage of Bob Dylan inspired poetry, “Rastaman” a tribute to Bob Marley. Picture This Anthology,” “Word Stock,” and “Delirious, a Celebration of Prince, as well as several Alien Buddha Press anthologies and Rust Belt Review #1.” Her most recent poetry books available on Amazon.com through Alien Buddha Press are “The Past is Calling,” “Broken Branches” and “Poetography,” “Subtle Shade of Bruise“, and “Still Standin.” “Poetography” was an Ephrastic opportunity created in collaboration with her photographer son and grandson. “Pam’s Jacket” a fun adventure was published by Guerilla Genesis Press.

Her collection of romance novels include “Horse Sense,” “Check Mates,” and newly released “Sea Escapes”

Thasia Anne also has a program on (CAM) Cable Access Media called “Poetry, Prose, and Personalities.” in Erie Pennsylvania where she lives contently with her videographer husband Bear. The program features interviews with poets, artists, and people with big creative personalities from the community. And through a new Zoom format is reaching out into communities every where.

Her cable access television show Poetry, Prose, and Personalities is now easily accessed anywhere anytime. at CAMErie.org. Then to Local Content, then Video on demand. In the search bar type Poetry, Prose, and Personalities, or WOW and you will have access.

Thasia Anne brings a troop of poets to the Albion Fair each September to expose rural youth to a little taste of culture. She ran a youth poetry workshop at the Northwest Community Youth Center in Albion Pa. The pandemic stopped that, but not Thasia. During 2020/2021 she provided a free community poetry workshop out in the Albion Community Garden. Thasia heads up a poetry reading and open mic during the fair each year, and is also on the panel that provides judges for the Fair poetry contest. July 2 2022 her poem God’s Cathedral on copper was permanently installed in the Art’s and Craft’s Barn where the poetry takes place each Fair.

Love and Licorice Whips is a compilation of domestic violence survival poetry. She has been handing this chap book out free since 1990 to help survivors know that they are not alone.

Her late in life college career earned her three scholarships.
She feels grateful at this point that her poetry has been accepted into so many Anthologies and even online opportunities.

Thasia Anne is happily married to Bear Lunger the videographer who makes her dreams come true for her programing. Together they have seven children, fifteen grandchildren, and five great grandchildren. How do they have any time on their hands!

Thasia Anne graduated Edinboro University as a social worker in 2016, and retired during the Covid lock down, from Erie DAWN as a case manager. The agency helps single working women with or without children find safe affordable housing. However her work advocating for women and children in need will never stop.


Thasia Anne would sincerely like to thank those who believed in her, and participated in her endeavors. Those would include Edinboro University Women’s History Month committee for sponsoring”Women of Word featuring a Few Man Made Words, or WOW“, for nine years. Also Cable Access Media for faithfully showing “Poetry, Prose, and Personalities”, and being a big part of getting WOW live streamed in 2021. Raymond Blasco Library, and PACA for continuing WOW through and after the pandemic.

Publishers who helped me get my serious start are 5 Acre Press, “Angel and Captain”, William Burkholder, Alien Buddha Press, Red Focks with numerous titles, and Guerrilla Genesis Press, “Pam’s Jacket” Ammi Romero at the helm. As well as all the Anthologies who added me. Poet’s Hall Press in Word Stock, The Soul Collective, Night Ballet Press “Delirious a Poetic Celebration of Prince” Diane Borsenick, and the past Erie County Poet Laureate Marissa Moks-Unger with her project “Picture This Anthology, ” Thasia was also included in “Rust Belt Reveiw #1”, Jay Miner.

Alien Buddha Press has also included Thasia in “Black Out Poetry”, a neat concept where you take a copy of a page from a book. Black out most of the words, but what is left must still actually say something. They also invited her to be in “Rastaman” a tribute to Bob Marley. Thasia has written numerous blurbs and reviews of other authors for Alien Buddha Press.

I could never name all of those who were in WOW over ten years. Those who participated most would be poets Marjorie Wonner for 9 years, Heidi Blakeslee, Darryl Brown, Luchetta Manus, Kat Wolper, Barbara Crone, Matt Borczon, Marisa Moks-Unger, Joan Eisert, Amy Pryor, Barbara Tan, Alexis Musloff-Carney, Marc Smith, and Megan Collins. Dancers; were Sarah Foster, Sukanya Burman, and Brett Fallon. My lone musician and I miss you, Paul Eisert. Narators; Dawn Shepler Shimp, Cameron Barrett, Bryan Pryor, Chelsea Smith. and the ever fun Marie Loose. For 2021 Barbara Crone stepped into the Narator shoes. There is a new addition of Elyse Palmer, and dancers from Sovereign Ballet with Christina Maria at the helm.

WOW 2021 in Hirt Auditorium

Starting on the left; Gisele Littrell, Heidi Blakeslee, Matt Borczon, Thasia Anne, Luchetta Cookie Manus, Darryl M. Brown, and narrator Barbara Crone

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