My poem God’s Cathedral hangs permanently in the Arts and Crafts barn at the Albion Fair as part of the Erie County Poet Laureate project.
IZZY BLUE, or known to every one as Blue. The best boy anyone ever had.
2009 at Poet’s Hall, a great fun place poets used to call home in Erie, Pa.
Bear’s favorite pic of me in the beginning.
The pic that made me have to learn more about this guy. I was researching the dangers of online dating for a book called Love Me
Sea Escapes book launch at Werner Books, Erie PA
Sea Escapes Book Launch 9/26/2022 Werner Books Erie, Pa.
My best friend, supporter, fan, and husband Bear, me, and Cathi GG God’s Girl
This is from the 20 Lives Ignited book launch. I am one of 20 Lives in the book. We are all over 60, a few over 70. We are all still getting things done and living on purpose.
Some of our authors are still in California, one Erieite couldn’t attend. 16 of the 20.
What a crowd attended the Erie Art Museum for our 20 Lives Ignited book launch.

This was taken 10/15 at the ribbon cutting for Little House of Poetry. HOP. is Mabel Howard’s contribution to the 2022 poet Laureate project. We read poems on inclusion, kindness, and autism. HOP has four compartments To share poetry, to leave a book, an autism awareness segment, and information on Poetry events and Mabel’s work.

Sunday November 6th, the Tipsy Bean Trifecta. I read out of all three novels.

Pictures from The History of WOW that was held at PACA on February 12th. I was able to explain the why of WOW, and then went on to tell the how, what, where, and when. Now on to WOW, Women of Word with a few Man Made Words; March 19 also at PACA at 2 pm. For those who are not sure, PACA is the Performing Arts Collective Alliance at 1505 State Street, Erie, PA.

Thasia Anne; director, producer, and participant as only Andi Penn can capture!
Giselle Littrell sings her original song “Don’t Forget Who You Are”
Matt Borczon and Thasia Anne talk about PTSD.

Gisele and I throwing out love notes to the audience for Valentines day.

Sandy caught a love note, WOO HOO.

The BEST picture of my loyal WOWIER Bear I ever saw

Matt Borczon another faithful WOWIER for many years now.

Dave Schroeder the best tech guy to have in your corner.

And what a gorgeous setting at PACA.

A faithful fan leaving an encouraging word.

These gals follow me around a lot. Faithful and true. Karen, Karen, and Janet.

We had a full house, and incredible snacks from Tipsy Bean.

Look for these Gals in WOW on March 19th back here at PACA at 2pm.

Karen has supported me from the beginning with every poetry reading, every show, every party.

Coming soon to a WOW near you. Mable Howard

Stay tuned for pics in March from the actual WOW production. We are introducing several new Wowiers. Poets, Mabel Howard, Cathi Mitchell and dancer Brooke Kimet.

The set in the music room is so beautiful and filled with color. Then Giselle practicing

The pic above is cool as Andrew caught the back of my wrap in the mirror.

Even my nails look happy in this one.

Gisele singing to the angels. Another shot that shows everything going on in the back ground. Two standard cameras, and my phone ready to go for Facebook Live.

This is from year eight at Edinboro University in Diebold Center for Creative Arts Starting low left front row; James Trevison, Luchetta Manus, Alexa Carney, Kneeling Paul Eisert, Heidi Blakeslee, and Terye Carney.

Standing; Marisa Moks-Unger, Joan Eisert, Marge Wonner, Thasia Anne, and kissing are Bryan Pryor, & Amy Doty Pryor

Way in the back; Darryl Brown, and Bear Lunger

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