Broken Branches

The poetic story of broken families, that ended up creating a new and stronger family tree, The last part of this book contains fun and whimsical poems.

I work with women everyday
and for women
An office full of beauty,
experience, and intelligence
Where we astutely enable
women who worked and worried
themselves into poverty and homelessness
Lives blown apart by divorce, addictions,
job loss and predictions
We strive to be a hand up
as hand-outs do not encourage growth
They come searching and beseeching
We provide what they are reaching for
A small safe space
perfect for their situation
We give our word
and we find that place
Some settle in and race toward success
Others get in their own way
Our words and wisdom
cannot break through all barriers
created by a lifetime of misnomers
They wear invisible headphones
replaying their own insurmountable mantras
We provide the seeds for success
We battle the habits that inhibit them
My greatest lesson:
When someone believes they have the tools
to build their own best life, they succeed
When they try to force their responsibilities on others
they forsake and smother their own best life

My World of Women

Published April 9, 2018 by Alien Buddha Press

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