Pam’s Jacket

The super fun travel adventures of the poet and a spectacularly brave and colorful borrowed jacket.

“Thasia Anne has crafted a wonderfully fun and whimsical tale of a woman and her friend’s jacket. The jacket has a distinct personality that pairs at times humorously and at times achingly with Thasia’s voice. I couldn’t put it down!” Heidi Blakeslee

Me and Pam’s jacket
headed for Florida
We get stopped
in Erie
by TSA
While I waited
for a female agent
to come pat me down
I became acutely aware
that I did not know
exactly what might
be in a pocket
in Pam’s jacket
I stood there
nonchalantly feeling
to see if Pam’s jacket
even had pockets
After a successful pat down
me and Pam’s jacket
boarded the plane

Pam’s Jacket #1

Published June 3, 2020 by Guerrilla Genesis Press

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