A splendid beach or vacation read. With the stunning photography from a son and grandson, Thasia Anne was inspired to write Ekphrastic poetry. Ekphrastic is the term used for mixing different arts and poetry.

Ekrastic Poetry is born of being inspired by some form of art and then writing about it. I attended a writing workshop on the form and immediately was inspired by a photo of an actual statue here in Erie called Fruits of Labor. My poem Fruits of Our Labor literally poured out in minutes. My love for this form of artistic expression was born. At Christmas time 2017 my son and grandson who are very gifted photographers, began showing me some photos that they had taken after our last snow storm. Photo after photo encouraged me to write something and I could see that they loved that their art had created more art. Such is the inspiration behind this book of cultural and artistic loves. As a joke I said; “We should call it Poetography” and it stuck. I hope this book might inspire a new love for readers. Enjoy

With grace and poise
she lifts her leafless limbs above
Madame carries her twisted trunk
in a rhythm with her trapped toes
to a root rumba
If you listen carefully
the sound of tiny branches click and swish
like a magical sombrero above
as her evergreen tutu tufts
and tumbles around her

Graceful Free Dance
(c) Cullen Photography

Published August 13, 2018 by Alien Buddha Press

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