Still Standin

A book of poetic remembrances and snapshots from childhood about family.

“Like a driving Venture’s tune, the poet takes us on a wild ride through her storied life, transforming from victim to victor before our very eyes and reminding us that “normal is just a setting on your dryer.” Turning her pain into poetry, Thasia Anne offers the reader hope and light at the end of every dark tunnel.” – Barbara D. Crone

I was the frail little scrawny girl
they always picked last and always went after first.
And then in sixth grade, Pat Wagner, the kid who was
already like six foot, and the hero, was up.
Ball in hand, he looked right at me and smiled.
I knew this was it. I could see the blood in his eyes.
The ball hit me in the stomach so hard
that it took me off my feet.
I hit the floor, wham, on my butt.
I couldn’t breathe. I gasped air in
through the fog. I could hear cheering
and I felt shame. When I looked up
it was my team cheering. I looked down
and realized the ball was still wrapped in my arms.
I could taste red rubber
and Pat Wagner, mouth agape, was out!

Team Dodge Ball

Published March 17, 2021 by Alien Buddha Press

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