Subtle Shade of Bruise

A must read for someone regaining footing after abuse, or to be lent to a loved one still in domestic violence. Knowledge masked in poetry.

Subtle Shade of Bruise is a book written from experience and research. Thasia addresses the subject of domestic violence through poetry designed to help the reader better understand the nuances of abuse. Then it goes on to include warning signs, and contact numbers for help. This book is a must have for survivor’s, to help them realize someone else does understand, and also for anyone who may be living in fear and abuse.

My soul had been pummeled like a cube steak
Any long-gone ego
plucked like a soup chicken
The man, I carefully picked
like prime cotton
after weighing all the others
He turned into the boll weevil
feeding on me and
my joy
I still look better today
then I did thirty years ago
where my license picture showed
lifeless eyes and
lackluster hair
as I fled
He has had five divorces
and is alone today
still wondering why
he couldn’t find a single good woman

Boll Weevil

Published May 28, 2019 by Alien Buddha Press

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