October is national

Domestic Violence month

Not that you are supposed to wait

and send her to fate

only in October

But,    in October

those who live sane and safe

solitudenal lives

Those who actually   love their wives,

well they are supposed to think,

give a thought to those women

who lost lives       Nearly perfect wives    trying to survive

or girlfriends     trying to fend of blows

not from foes

but loved ones carrying guns    and knives

ending young sweet lives

He will say with dismay;

“If I can’t have you, no one can”

Man, no one has or owns another   especially not your babies mother

You, women who are blessed

Women who have husbands      who have never messed

with their minds     Husbands who are kind

I remind you Please, not to judge

You have not walked in shoes

skewed with survival skills      strong wills

trying to find safety

Shelters offering safe escape plans

The demands that come from  hiding from crazed minds

Strong women who live     with scars or scares

from the one     they cared about most

who now plays host     to their deepest fears

October is when    we drag out pictures    of women lost

we estimate the cost     that these families add,

Children who live without     Mom or Dad

Grave rocks claiming MOTHER

Jail cells holding another    abuser, user of women

Let us not forget     there are men raised right

whose fist stayed tight    and never swung upon   a woman

Men out in the night    with no where to go

because no one knows of their plight

This is October

take a moment    to count your lucky stars

be thankful    for where you are

and say a prayer

that someday soon  

October will only need be

about the moon    

and scary witches…

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