Hello Friends

I hope you are all well, wearing masks and social distancing.

My husband and I both contracted Covid 19 and Bacterial Pneumonia. We followed all the protocals. He was in the hospital for a week and they left me at home. I guess it hits much harder for men over 60. I tell you that simply to explain why I have not been on here.

I have a couple pics I will share. Michelle Litler and I worked together feverishly throughout October to spread awareness. We attended the event and walk for the Meadville Women’s Center.

We both went out and about on Wear it Wednesday wearing purple and getting our picture taken with others wearing purple in support of awareness.

She also promoted her Man Up campaigne to show that the good guys are out there also. She hoped to get 100 signatures. At last count, 3,165 men women and children signed the petition and many took pictures with a version of Man Up. Check out facebook Reclaiming Your Voice to add your voice to the trumpeting sound.

I was also interviewed for Poetry Live and the Erie County Public Library by Blaine Dessy on the subject of domestic violence, my survival, and why I feel compelled to help others gain their freedom.

I will get the pictures up shortly.

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