July Flies by

What a whirlwind month so far. Here at Poetrees I have been busy. I applied for Erie County Poet Laureate. That is a rigorous but fulfilling process. I needed to turn in 12 poems I would be proud to read in front of a family audience. All of my poems pass that muster. I had to turn in a writers resume. That was fun going through my calendar and looking at all the different types of poetry events that I have been involved in over the last ten years. Then I had to come up with projects I would implement to bring poetry to all of Erie County PA. and lastly a budget for those projects. Since the competition is still ongoing, I will not yet reveal those.

Then I entered a poetry anthology contest for Erie County, PA. Trying to choose which of my poems I believe best represent Erie, took some thoughtful consideration. That opportunity is being offered through the Erie County Library website.

On top of all of that fun, I am preparing and writing a second WOW for 2021. That has never happened before. I felt good about the opportunity because it puts us back to having eleven performances in 11 years. This Women of Word with a few Man Made Words will be at PACA 1505 State Street Erie, PA on Saturday, July 31 @ 6 pm. Still a free show, I am thrilled we have maintained that throughout our history.

My dedicated WOWiers as we call ourselves, are proud to present timely topics ripped from the headlines. This version includeds sets on; homelessness, domestic violence, mental illness, and more. On the back of our programs we have always provided phone numbers to reach out for help. This year a dream came true for me and we have agency representation and pamphlets with helpful information.

I’m sure there will be more to catch you up on soon. Keep writing and looking for chances to put your words out into the world.

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