August 18th

My how time flies.

I am still on cloud nine from the very successful WOWPACA event on July 31st. We had a great turnout in the audience. Heard oohhs and aahhs in all the right places. I am working on getting the two camera views edited together. I will get it on CAM Media; my show there is Poetry, Prose, and Personalities. I will also have it uploaded onto my media page here as soon as I can so you can all see the fun we had.

I want to thank Mark Tanenbaum and Dave Schroeder from PACA for seeing the merit of our show. All my splendid WOWiers. Heidi Blakeslee, Barbara Crone, Gisele Littrell, Darryl Brown, Elyse Palmer, Dan Hunter, and the lovely dancers from Sovereign Ballet under the direction of Christina Maria. We also had video cameo performances from Marjorie Wonner and Adam Levon Brown. A big thank you to the audience members for their attentiveness and applause! WE love you and it makes it all worth it. And of course Bear, my husband who is the wind.

I had a feature at 1020 Collective with Miss Mabeline as my hostess. I met some cool new poet friends. I really like Stevies work, he touches on some sad questions to himself. And a brand new reader first time at the mic. That is always so exciting when I can encourage someone to keep at it. She was phenomenal.

The feature went well. Sold some books, met cool people, and got the high you get when they laugh at the right places and wipe their eyes during the sad parts. I felt heard.

Today I am off for an adventure facilitating a poetry class to 15 inner city youth. For some it will be their first experience, for others I may get to validate their inner drive. Wish me luck that I say the right things to spark a life of poetry love for some.

Have a wonderful day full of blessings.

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