NETFLIX has a new limited series called MAID. It seriously addresses domestic violence.

This is amazing. Accurate in many ways. Similar to my story in many way. She makes mistakes that I made, she makes some mistakes I would never make. This series highlights not only domestic violence but loving someone with serious mental illness. It also depicts loving someone with addictions who always promises sobriety, and can never deliver. You can see easily how the victim is easy pickings for an abuser.

They also showcase how difficult navigating the any government system for help can be.

Could it trigger someone. Probably, and would depend on how long you have been away from it. There were no graphic violence scenes but show how wary and vigilant she had to remain. I think that the benefits of watching the whole way through was seeing a happy, safe, and powerful ending.

At the end of the 10 episodes, they put up an information for an agency where you can talk with someone about your experience.

This might be helpful as well as the numbers I put up in the last segment.

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