A review on HORSE SENSE my brand new romance novel which is available at Amazon.com

Should poets stick to poetry?  Neighhhh, I say. Thasia Anne, known for her poetry, earns her place in the romance fiction realm with Horse Sense. Fully familiar with the setting in northwestern rural Pennsylvania, and the subject matter, caring for horses, the poetess peppers the novel with careful attention to descriptive details throughout. The main characters, Kait and Monty, are well-developed, likeable and relatable; their budding romance is very tenderly told, with a masterful mix of advancement and hesitation, the ebb and flow making for just the right amount of tension and anticipation to engage the reader. The pace is perfect–the story steadily walks along, trotting and cantering here and there, building as it continues. I was both educated and entertained, learning much about horses and Shadeland along the way. I recommend this read to anyone who thinks they don’t enjoy romance novels. This one will change your mind! Nikki Knight

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