Ampersand – Poetry and Prompts Group

I have been dabbling in prompt poetry for several months now. Trying out different styles. Some I knew of and never tried, a couple I had never heard of. I am creating a collection of all those short prompted poems to have fun with at some point.

I have enjoyed belonging to the group and even got kudos in August for the number of cool poems I created in August. Well today I was asked if I would accept an expert position. Meaning I would help or try to find answers for people who were trying to learn something about poetry.

I don’t consider myself an expert. An old joke says; An ex is a has been, and a spurt is a drip under pressure. Therefore, and expert is a has been drip under pressure!

But I am honored to try and help someone learn or get more comfortable with trying other poetry styles. Thank you Ampersand.

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