Two new poems

I am starting out 2022 with the gift of a few new poems slipping in to a cold tired brain.

Someone posted a poem about walking. I used it as a walking prompt.


My disabled mom and I

did a yearly trek to buy her Geraniums

We walked from Levi’s

on the corner

of 22nd and Peach Street

Me, carrying the cardboard box

You, balancing two extra Geraniums

red as your lipstick

You spoke about how

even in our poornesss

splurging on some beauty

was important

to keep our spirit light

We stopped twice

on our walk home

to rest your good arm

and my scrawny eleven year old limbs

We set them on our

cement porch

and drenched the soil

To soak overnight

to rest them

I knew we were resting


before the planting dig

in the morning

Responded to a prompt about time.


Time was spent in tiny increments

Like pennies,

to a wishing well 

Mine was mostly

well spent

Sent out to loved ones

To which you can count yourself as one

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