Great New Events and Adventures

August 6th 100 Thousand Poets for Change is back at the Erie Blues and Jazz Festival.

We will be reading social advocacy poems at the Clam Shell Amphitheater, situated in Frontier Park starting at 6:30 pm. I am thrilled to be hostessing a great group of poets. In September John Burroughs will be named Beat Poet Laureate of USA. Traveling from the Cleveland, Ohio area he and his poetry sis Dianne Borsenik will be here. Also reading will be Doctor Chuck Joy, Neicey Nicole, and Mabel Howard. There will be an OPEN MIC to follow. So grab your journal and come on over.

PACA PALOOZA PACA stands for Performing Arts Center Alliance

August 12th at 5 pm Poetry starts off the PACA PALOOZA at PACA at 1505 State Street in Erie, PA. Free to the public, a weekend of art in all shapes and sizes. I am very pleased to be included in the PACA PALOOZA POETS.

September Brings the Albion Fair

September 15th is the annual poetry reading. It happens on Thursday which coincides with free senior day! The new addition to the Fair Poetry event is that in the Arts and Crafts Barn now hangs my poem God’s Cathedral on copper. The poems has found its permanent home there.

OCTOBER 2nd from 2-4 is our Ladies Day Event at the Little Church on the Hill

This historic old church up on the hill resides at 10410 High Street. This event gets bigger each year. There will be vendors with jewelry, candles, MaryKay, crafts, and much more. Food vendors. E Hotdog cart, a new coffee vendor with delicious drinks, Cafe 710 wonderful aromatic treats. Many representatives for agencies that offer assistance. Just a relaxing, fun, ladies day.

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