A review of my chapter; Color Blind in 20 Lives Ignited; How 20 Women Over 60 Are Creating Success on Their Own Terms

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Theresa Reams of California writes;

My takeaway from Thasia Anne Lunger‘s chapter is: Living through our darkest times prepares us to be a light to the world. Thasia Anne went from being abandoned by her father to marrying an abusive man at age 16. I love how she named the red flags of an abuser along the way; these red flags are the same ones she shares with Domestic Violence victims to this day. The story about the church ladies that stopped by her house to feed her the Word of God to strengthen and prepare her to leave her abuser is confirmation that God uses angels disguised as people. The fact that during an escape from her abuser she somehow supernaturally outran him is testimony to the Grace that was moving her to her destiny.

Along the way God turned Thasia Anne into an angel that would in turn pass down her knowledge of how to escape abuse to people that were once in her shoes. We will never know how many people Thasia Anne has saved from a horrible life held captive by an oppressor, but I venture to guess it is many. Thasia Anne first started working with the abused in groups at shelters, then she created their education department and facilitated her program in schools from kindergarten to college, handing out her precious warning signs to kids. Throughout the years her efforts in helping souls escape awful situations were confirmed. Thasia writes “Occasionally I would be out somewhere in a store and a young person would come up and ask “Are you the woman that came to our school? I gave that list to my sister, and she got away from her bad boyfriend.” Thasia Anne, continue your great calling dear angel, the world needs you.

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