Tipsy Bean Book Signing

Yesterday was a near perfect weather day for spring in Erie, PA. WE started indoors at 1pm, with the signing, and for the first time ever, I sold out of all the books I had available. I am so grateful to all the kind souls who came out. At 2pm we went out back on the patio as there were a number of students inside doing their homework. It was a small but very open group. My friends Dan Hunter and Elyse Palmer came from Meadville, and both read something. Dan quite often will read musc lyrics that really touch his heart and yesterday he read the song by Mike and the Mechanics; In the Living Years. Brought back a lot of memories, a shout out to Eric if you are out there old friend.

I am hoping to schedule another book signing soon.

I am also in the works with Artlore Studio to schedule a group reading each month at the studio. So that is always a great time.

Lastly, I am already working hard for next years WOW. Collaborating and creating WOW11.

Have a wonderful day and keep smiling.

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