Several reading opportunities

I read at Tipsey Bean in April.

I then took a bit of a break and went to LA on vacation to visit my best friend since second grade. We had a lovely time and I was able to do a reading at a small private gathering. On the flight home I had some serious ear issues that put me out of commision for a bit. I am back at it now.

Recently I read from “Still Standin” at a small gathering and feature for the great Geoff Peterson, celebrating his new book “Open Ticket”.

On June 26th we read at Cafe 710 for Mabel Howard. It was a smaller crowd but great friends. Some we havent seen since the pandemic started.

July 9th at 11 am. I will be back in Albion facilitating a free poetry workshop for that community. We gather in the beautiful Albion Community Garden. A lovely place to get together and have fun writing.

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