100 Thousand Poets for Change and the Erie Blues and Jazz fest in the books

Saturday was cloudy and very breezy for the event. The poets stormed the storm away. Matt Borczon and Sean Thomas Dougherty started us off with a bang. Then Miss Mabeline was followed by Kim Noyes accompanied by Tom Weber. The word storm really hit hard when John Burroughs the Ohio Beat Poet Laureate took the mic. He blew us all away.

Bigg Wash came and eloquently wrapped up the 100 Thousand Poets segment of which we were registered and world wide.

Such a magnificent line up. Barbara Crone had to stay home with a terrible sinus infection. We missed her greatly.

I then welcomed Dr. Charles Joy up to the mic to bring an open mic participants. One of our frequent flyers on the Live Zoom Poetry nights came up and shared a few pieces with historic merit.

I was very excited that two young women used our event to be there first time at a mic. One brought her friend up and read a poem from her phone that was not hers that she related to. And then another young lady came up and she too read someone elses work. However; they have been bit by the poetry bug. We planted a seed.

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