More Exciting News

I have received confirmation that I will be included in a new anthology titled Courageous Women V. My story will be showcased along with fourteen other women full of courage. This book will be released in 2022.

Next on my agenda is that I have scheduled to facilitate a poetry workshop with seniors on September 30th. I love working with seniors and helping to reawaken those creative thoughts and ideas.

Later that afternoon I will be in Meadville Pennsylvania reading poetry, telling my story, and walking for domestic violence awareness. I always appreciate the work that Patty Pardee Prince is doing and all that Meadville Services for Women accomplish. Lets hope fr a sunny day to walk in.

October is coming and on the first I will be going to SafeNet in Erie to help women write out their stories, turn that into poetry and then an art project. Again it is always my pleasure to work side by side with agencies doing such grand work for those in need.

I’m sure their will be more events to post soon.

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