Another whirlwind week.

Sunday October 17th was the Ladies Event in Albion at the Little Church on the Hill. We had a nice turnout and great venders. Gnome in the Home has the cutest gnome creations. Must haves for Christmas. Our ever faithful Mary Kay Cosmetics, and Amy spoke about how feeling good about yourself helps a woman feel accomplished. Mabel Howard from Cafe 710 was there with great treats and hot coffee. Heavenly Henna was there doing her beautiful art, and then we had Yoga outside standing up. Unique Designs by Shirley Kelly was there and others.

It was cool but mostly dry until the last 15 minutes. We had speakers on empowerment for women by the Girls Scouts of America, Crime Victim Center, SafeNet, and Poetry from Mabel Howard, Nikki Knight, and yours truly Thasia Anne.

Already looking forward to next year and getting bigger and better.

The next day was October 18th

The four finalists read for Poet Laureate of Erie County, at the Erie County Public Library in the Hirt Auditorium. I was one, and did my best. I made no mistakes or missteps. I had great projects planned.

Sometimes, your best is not enough on that day. The new Erie County Poet Laureate is Sean Thomas Dougherty. I have been a longtime fan. He is a wonderful poet, man, and friend. Congratulations.

I plan to find a way to create my projects anyway so that the community does not mis out. Two agencies have reached out and would like to have me create a poetry program with their agencies. So that is a win.

Thursday was Diversity and Inclusion program also at the Erie County Library

I read some new works on those subjects. I was in wonderful company. Such talented poets and several young voices from school. It was a heart warming experience.

Below I have included my poems from the Diversity/ Inclusion event.


I grew up in a mostly happy home

Once my mother   found true love

with my step-up dad

Our home had so many friends

of every color

Once a neighbor said something

about Jim the negro

I asked my mother at home

what that meant   She explained that their friend

Jim was of a skin color some called negro

I remember that I asked, “Why don’t they just call him Jim?”

My extended family now

looks like the UN

We have Puerto Rican, Thai, Korean,

and soon to be African American.

We also have disabled and very abled

those who live for sports

and those who write and type

All Family members

Like the slogan says

We Have It All


As a survivor of severe domestic violence

I learned       and now teach the statistics

1 in 3 women will be victims of abuse at some point

Every Twelve seconds in these United States

a women is beaten by her husband, boyfriend, or lover and

while I said that, another woman was beaten

1 in 5 men will be the victim and not the abuser

There is no threshold that saves you

Not money, education, color, culture, or gender

WE are equally vulnerable

That is a kind of inclusiveness

A club we never chose to join

One many of us paid dues for

That is why my life’s work

Is to bring all the survivors together

and turn them into thrivers

To include them in this support system

So they can have a happy productive life


I was not included in things

As a child I was poor, and scrawny

not good at sports

Not wealthy enough for dance lessons

or to play an instrument in school

My kind of experience

and story led to programs that

help lower income families to

still experience the arts

This community does so much now

I am grateful that no energetic

full of rhythm child

ever has to hear again

That they don’t have what it takes

for music, or dance, or art

When back then      the truth always was

It was all about the money

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