Thankful and Grateful

What a wonderful life. Trust me, I know sadness and loss. I am thankful for where I find myself this November. I just turned 66 and feel great. I started a journey with NOOM three months ago and I love this ride. I am down almost twenty pounds.

I just released my first in print romance novel “Check Mates” and in the beginning of December H”Horse Sense” will be here also. Big shout out to my publisher Alien Buddha Press with Red at the helm.

A new poetry manuscript is slowly revealing itself as I continue to work on the romance novels.

After the first of the year, I have several poetry workshops coming to fruition. I will be working with SafeNet and Erie DAWN locally. It is my joy to help women and children to learn how to take the tough emotions and put them down on paper. I always liken it to taking out the trash. Get the stinking stuff out!

I hope you all can find something to be thankful for. God Bless you all.

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