Romance Novel release event dates

Sunday December 5th from 2-3pm at Tipsy Bean in Erie, Pa. I will be reading excerpts and signing both of my romance novels.

Check Mates a story of trust, cheating, a near fatal accident, and finally true love. Karle is a second shift emergency room nurse with her bestie Jenelle. Angelo Ditallio is the host of Check Mates and can not believe anyone would be unfaithful to beautiful, sweet, Karle. As a trauma nurse Karle is working on an unconscious unidentified car accident victim when she recognizes Angelos watch.

Horse Sense tells the tale of a strong single woman who owns a horse rescue ranch and has a cyber business. Kait hires a true old west cowboy Monty, to manage the ranch. Many near misses and horsecapades brings Kait and Monty ask hard questions.

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