A few New Poems


The first


had big dreams

Land a plenty

with game

and fresh water

It was 

so worthy

They created

 a catcher

for those dreams

Loneliness Takes Charge

If you

are looking

for love

in all

the wrong places

I advise you

to check

all the

obvious spaces

Between cushions

and within

the cabinet

to the left


She smiled

and wished him luck

Her lips upturned

in an almost


She said;

“You will never

do better than me

You will never be happy”

As she sat

on the edge

of her bed

This, her sixth

stay in rehab

Due to the seventh

time she

put her daughter

in danger



Balanced on aging hips

the weight of the world

No longer the wispy girl

I have wisdom on my lips

Be kind, or be quiet

Do unto others as you wish done unto you.

Right there would solve all of this

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