A Lot Can Happen in Three Months.

February 17th my husband was on his way home to pick me up. We were headed out to Cambridge Springs, PA. to look at a very secluded piece of property. About when I thought he should be pulling in, he called. He sounded strange and said he couldn’t go, he wasn’t feeling well. My brain flashed, this is the man who when he had Covid and his face was grey, said “I’M fine”.

So, I drove right to where he was pulled over in a parking lot. He was all clammy and vomiting. This seemed similar to my mom having a heart attack. I called for an ambulance, they were prompt. I had said, possible heart attack, but their blood draw showed he had a blood sugar of over 400. That screams diabetes. They asked me if he had it, I said not that we were aware of.

Once at the hospital they ruled out heart attack, and started looking for and found signs of a stroke brought on by undiagnosed diabetes. He spent three days in the ICU, four days in a regular room, and then another week on the rehabilitation floor.

He has no visible signs, as the stroke affected his balance center. At this point three months later after hard work and perseverance he can walk around the house fine, but uses a cane outside in case of uneven footing.

I went from a retired social worker filling my days with coffee dates and writing, to being his driver, secretary, and full time gardener! I do so with a grateful heart that my husband is gaining his health back, and has been allowed to work from home through the whole ordeal. We have been truly blessed.

During this whole cycle of life, along with 11 other poets from my area Erie, PA. we were included in Pratik a Journal of Contemporary Writing Edited by; Yuyutsu Sharma who hails from Kathmandu.

The new Erie County Laureate chose me as one of the poets to participate in his project. My poem God’s Cathedral is being etched into a piece of copper, that sign will be placed for eternity in the Craft Barn of the Albion Fair. The unveiling of God’s Cathedral will take place on July 2nd.

I just submitted to two online journals, so am waiting to hear. You writers understand that feeling!

I submitted a grant for a project next year 2023.

I have written a chapter for a new super anthology called; 20 Lives Ignited How 20 women over 60 are Creating Success on Their Own Terms. We are all over 60, a couple gals over 70. Each one still incredibly active and fulfilling dreams. Each day is a gift, which is why it is called the Present.

On June 22 (only) you can download this book through Kindle for 99 cents. There will be a big ta do this fall as we release the actual copy and most of the twenty women will be in attendance to sign your book.

Just writing it all out has me needing a nap!

Oh, and at the end of this month, I am having cataract surgery on both eyes, SEE you then!

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