October Poetry workshop poems

The two prompts I used were I’ll Tell You a Secret, and Poetry is 10/15/2022


I’ll tell you a secret;

I love my life,    now

but at one point

I didn’t want to go on

Poetry is my lifeline

I was over my head

gulping water

going down 

for the mental count

And then

I spit it out

Dirty water

Dirty Words


put me on my back

and floated me home

My job now

is to go about

handing out

word life lines

Show folks how

to save themselves

with pen and paper

Thasia Anne

HORSE; I FEEL                 Chosen animal; Horse    10/22/2022

I feel the wind in my mane 

whipping it like fireworks

The grass and moss are cool

beneath hooves of bone

I feel the strength of thighs

as my rider grips tighter

We feel brighter together

outrunning the weather

I am mare and mother earth

As one, my rider and I search

for true love and acceptance

Thasia Anne

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