The end of 22

The end of 2022 was looking promising. My husband had overcome his stroke. Completely beat diabetes with diet and exercise brought his blood sugar down into very normal ranges. We had a lot to be thankful for. And then a routine colonoscopy showed colon cancer. We live in Erie PA. but choose to travel the nearly two hours drive to Cleveland Clinic. They are a wonderful health care system.

This too shall pass. It is another tough hurdle, but we got this.

Coming up in 2023. I am being video recorded at WQLN, reading poetry that will be aired on WQLN.

Next up for February 12th, I received a grant to create The History of WOW. Where I will invite agencies and influencers from the Erie area to learn about the great resource that WOW is. It stands for Women of Word with a few Man Made Words. My creation as I am the producer, director, and participant. We use poetry, music, and dance to talk about really tough social work subjects. When WOW is over the back of the program has the phone numbers for agencies that provide that service. My plan after The History of WOW, is that I can have agency members available after the program to meet, and set up follow up appointments for those in need.

March 19th is the actually eleventh performance of WOW. WE have a really packed emotional and exciting show with great past crew returning, and some exciting new comers. The production is always free to the public, and we will have a reception afterwards so you can meet the cast, and speak with agency member

I look forward to seeing your faces as I navigate this thing called life.

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