WOW Women of Word with a few Man Made Words season 11

March 19th we completed the eleventh WOW at PACA in Erie Pa. to a packed house. Everything went perfect. I will be putting on pictures and videos. But here is a blurbk from a colleague at Erie, Arts, and Culture.

Ethan Hayden wrote; WOW regularly brings together a diversity of artists, art forms, and lived experiences to share stories and explore issues of acute relevance to communities in Northwestern PA.  The event consistently finds new ways to foster connection between artists and audiences, while helping reduce stigma and offer resources that can support individuals in their struggles with trauma, addiction, mental health, and other personal and social issues.  It is a wonderful example of the ways art can grow forth from, and then nourish, a community.

Comment from Cathi GG Mitchell after her first experience being a WOWier.

This is from one of the WOWiers after her first time being in WOW.

Iron sharpens Iron! This picture, in our truest form, says it all! That statement has never been truer than in this relationship! I met Thasia in a little coffee shop on Peach Street over 15 years ago when we were both participating in poetry nights there. God continued to bring us in and out of each other’s lives. In this last encounter, God told me that he had plans for Thasia and I together. Now, Thasia is a woman that empowers people, period, but especially women. She just wants to see us all be the best we can be. You’d be reading quite a while if I were to post about all of the ways she has inspired and encouraged me. But I will tell you that she has inspired me to be a better Christian, poet, and person! When I suffered a brain injury, Thasia immediately contacted me and informed me of what to expect. She normalized all of my feelings of inadequacy, despair and fear. She was never overwhelmed with my barrage of questions and most importantly understands my battle. We mutually support each other as word artists and will often bounce things off each other. We’ve been talking about several ways to continue to work together using our words with our social work skills to help women. Speaking of social work. Thasia often invites me to participate in her productions. Like the phenomenal WOW. Women of Word held Sunday at PACA. What an incredible honor to be a part of this remarkable cast and show. This was Thasia’s 11th year directing WOW. To give you an idea of the talent, passion and drive of my incredible friend, please take some time to watch the show. I love you Thasia Anne Luger! Thank you for everything! 💙

You can watch the entire performance from this link. 

See less

— with Thasia Anne Lunger.

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