The WOW reports keep coming in.

As soon as possible I will get the video up on the media page.

Women of Word with a few Man Made Words (WOW)

We received a couple write ups in the local papers. The Erie Reader, and the Senior Citizens News. I was contacted by Jack Eilber Deputy Communications Director Pennsylvania Department of Aging in Harrisburg, PA. He was contacted by Senior Citizen News about WOW. He wants to highlight what Thasia Anne the senior is doing up here in Erie PA with her little idea WOW. That is pretty exciting.

From Ethan Hayden Program Officer at Erie Arts and Culture.

WOW regularly brings together a diversity of artists, art forms, and lived experiences to share stories and explore issues of acute relevance to communities in Northwestern PA. The event consistently finds new ways to foster connection between artists and audiences, while helping to reduce stigma and offer resources that can support individuals in their struggles with trauma, addiction, mental health, and other personal and social issues. It is a wonderful example of the ways art can grow forth from, and then nourish a community.

Ethan Hayden

One of my grandsons came and sent a message that he was super proud of the hard work I put in to my show, and that he is SUPER proud to me my grandson!

A son said; It was very nicely done. I am proud of you for being able to put that together. The amount of work it takes to pull that off is unimaginable. Great work. I truly hope you get a grant and can continue to keep it going.


This was a fabulous production.

I love that you covered so many uncomfortable topics. The world needs more light shown on the darkness and fear. Thank you

(MY FAVORITE written by a teen) I really enjoyed getting my eyes open to find other people like me. Thank you.

Each artist was so different and wonderful!

Loved the poetry and the dancer. Was Extraordinary!

Thank you for a wonderful show. You made me cry and laugh and all the cast was just SO amazingly talented.

There are twenty more comments. All positive. A suggestion to take it into schools. Other suggestions to take it on the road, which is not possible as some of the cast is disabled, and many are still working. The performance is put on with no admission fee. This year I was unable to get a grant, so all costs came out of my pocket.

Thank you all for your interest and love. Thasia Anne

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