Sunday October 17th Ladies Event

On the out skirts of Albion is the Little Church on the Hill. This Sunday is our third annual Ladies Day Event. 10410 High Street Albion Pa. From 2-4 WE have invited many different vendors. There will be Amy from MaryKay, Heavenly Henna, Jewelry, Cafe 710 will be there with treats and coffee. There willContinue reading “Sunday October 17th Ladies Event”

Wednesday October 6th and Friday October 8th

Sandy and I went out to Edinboro University Campus and walked the grounds to reminisce and get some exercise. Then we headed over to Alexander Music Center for a reading by retired professor John Repp. I bought his book and was able to get it signed. Sandy and I then went to 1020 Collective onContinue reading “Wednesday October 6th and Friday October 8th”

NETFLIX has a new limited series called MAID. It seriously addresses domestic violence.

This is amazing. Accurate in many ways. Similar to my story in many way. She makes mistakes that I made, she makes some mistakes I would never make. This series highlights not only domestic violence but loving someone with serious mental illness. It also depicts loving someone with addictions who always promises sobriety, and canContinue reading “NETFLIX has a new limited series called MAID. It seriously addresses domestic violence.”

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month

Are you aware that every twelve seconds in these United States a women is beaten by her husband boyfriend or lover, and while you read that another woman was beaten. One out of three women are effected by domestic violence in their lifetime. Are you aware, domestic violence can be a man against a women,Continue reading “October is Domestic Violence Awareness month”

100 Thousand Poets for Change and the Erie Blues and Jazz fest in the books

Saturday was cloudy and very breezy for the event. The poets stormed the storm away. Matt Borczon and Sean Thomas Dougherty started us off with a bang. Then Miss Mabeline was followed by Kim Noyes accompanied by Tom Weber. The word storm really hit hard when John Burroughs the Ohio Beat Poet Laureate took theContinue reading “100 Thousand Poets for Change and the Erie Blues and Jazz fest in the books”

September 24-26 Erie Blues and Jazz Festival Erie, PA.

This year the B&J fest coincides with 100 Thousand Poets for Change. On Saturday between 4:30 and 6pm at the Clam Shell amphitheater in Frontier Park, I am so pleased to announce we will not only be reading poetry at the B&J fest, but we will be reading as part of 100 Thousand Poets forContinue reading “September 24-26 Erie Blues and Jazz Festival Erie, PA.”